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Finally! Some 2018 Snapper Bites! (what's up with this so-called webmaster?)
WEEK 3 UPDATE: May 17, 2018 (POSTED: May 23)

Okay Boys week 3 is in the books, and with it - partner #3 for Snapper (WEBMASTER's NOTE: If'n ya did something special on week 1, it will just have to be enough that you know you did it cuz it ain't here my friend, so quit squinting)

Weekly Cudos:

Low Actual: Jamie Leece "41"
Low Net: Chris Johns netted a "31"
Greenies 1: Mike Romanowski
Greenies 2: Jason Carrier
Team Skin: Weekly Blind Draw Skins Pot carried over $100 to start this week. Jason Carrier and partner got the draw they were looking for with a par 3 they both parred both got dings and netted a best "4" to claim the $150
5-Hole: Bill "Pic Pic" Cape
Jamies Scratch Skins: There were 3 - Mike Romanowski took 2 and Chris Johns the other
AOTD Winner: N/A

Special thanks to Brian Babbers Babcock who came in from Kalamazoo to substitute. Way to go Chris Johns. Nice round.

Inspirational Thought of the Day: Don't Be a Dick. But if you are, please make sure someone sees it so we can get the Asshole of the Day Nominations going.


WEEK 2 UPDATE: May 10, 2018 (POSTED: May 23)

Okay Boys week 2 is in the books, and with it - partner #2 for Snapper (WEBMASTER's NOTE: If'n ya did something special on week 1, STILL NOT HERE)

Weekly Cudos:

Low Actual: Larry Cooper "41"
Low Net: Matt Murany and Jason Wolfenden each netted a "34"
Greenies 1: Mike Romanowski
Greenies 2: Chris Johns
Team Skin: Weekly Blind Draw Skins Pot carried over $100 to start this week
5-Hole: Mike Bloomfield
Jamies Scratch Skins: Dave Wolfenden - 65 smackaroonies
AOTD Winner: Got a few nominations but no winner yet. Jamie and Herb were recognized for foregoing the boat ride and driving their cart back to the clubhouse without telling anyone which caused a shortage of carts over on 10 and a boat captain scratching his head about how long he was supposed to wait for us. all of this caused our league to stand out and generate an email from the pro, but they were not the only ones.

Tonight comes SNAPPER LEAGUE DEBUT for BRIAN BABS BABCOCK out of Kalamazoo. Welcome.

And for our 1st Majestic Beer Babe of the week, for all around exemplary SERVICING OF OUR ALCOHOL NEEDS......... I give you KAYGAN!!!!!!!!!!!! (we owe you a repeat photo Kaygan as the flash ruined the original)
(WEBMASTER's NOTE: Actually, no photo availble at all since it was emailed from the course in the form of a text mail to webmaster's wife's phone since I don't have my own and we/she can't figure out how to transfer a text photo from her phone to my email so I can post here.)


Pictured: A leisurely boat ride across Lake Walden on our way back to the clubhouse side dock after the front nine at The Majestic.

May 29, 2004
I sat at a table on the beer deck checking the math on Snapper golf cards (fifty five... fifty six... fifty seven...). Fellow Snappers were swapping traffic violation stories like old sailors rolling up their pant legs and comparing shark wounds. Mister Cowan's partner, Shang, had started the subject earlier when he hired Snapper to help him with a ticket (allegedly for speeding, but Shang claims it was a wrongful citation as he was in a hurry that day). Shang became concerned and wondered aloud if he was still on Snapper's "billing clock." Snapper told Shang not to worry, as he will work for beers. Shang, here is a running legal bill (bar tab) for Snapper's services.
Shang's legal bill (in beer)


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