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"BEST OF" - Timmy K Textile Forensics
ORIGINALLY POSTED: July 22, 2012 By: DaBlade

As I posted pictures for the 2012 Snapper Gallery, I noticed what I thought to be a strange but humorous coincidence. Namely, that Timmy K was wearing the same shirt in the official Snapper Gallery for the last 3 years. This seemed strange, since photo night is rarely announced in advance and is usually accomplished by a strategy of "catch as catch can". The odds that the same shirt would be worn for three years in a row seemed long. I even playfully posted this contest at our Facebook page.

Congrats to Boob! He won the grand prize - an old and worn pit-stained gray OSU golf polo.

The subject arose at the league quorem on the post-round dry docked beer boat. Markunas suggested that the Snapper archives be checked to see if the history of this phenomenon is actually longer than three years. On a lark, I decided to check (not really expecting this to lead anywhere). What I found was deeply shocking. Please turn back now if you are easily disturbed...

If you're still here, don't say I didn't warn you. The following graphic shows pictures of Timmy K from 2012 to 2004 in descending order, cropped from the team picture for that year.

Clearly, Timmy K was wearing this same shirt in 2009, making it officially 4 YEARS IN-A-ROW!!!

Unfortunately, careful forensic experiments were unable to determine whether this same polo was worn in 2008. While an argument could be made that the feminine Lilac colored collar in that photo proves it's a different shirt, this expert is not convinced. First : The quality of the league digital camera has always been suspect, but certainly was inferior in 2008 and earlier. In other words, what looks purple here may in fact be gray. Also: We don't know how much bleach Timmy K used in his wash that year.

What we do know for certain is that in the last almost full decade, Timmy K wore a different shirt at least for one day back in 2005.

Anyone notice any other disturbing trends over the years? I stopped the graphic at 2004 quite simply because no photos exist for 2003, 2002, or 2001. I did, however, find a folder labeled "2000" on my computer, and I found the following team photo... Tests are still being undertaken so check back later for textile results.